My name is Holly. I’m an avid reader of all things romantic, fantastic, mysterious, dark, humorous, and apocalyptic, and I can't remember when I first picked up a book. Reading has been such an integral part of my life I don't even want to try to imagine a future without the stories authors like you have created.

Born and raised in the United States, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in English before accepting my first teaching position in January 2000. While influencing young minds with Shakespeare, Morrison, and Maupassant, I earned a Master's of Science Degree in English Education before moving countries. Now living in France, I continue to teach English Literature at a prestigious International School. Also, I authored my first solo novel, The House on the Lake, I'm a member of Aces: The Society for Editing, I'm a member of NAIWE: the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors, I'm a partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, and I help authors hone their stories. I would love the opportunity to help you with yours!

Why the name? 
Fresh as a Daisy Editing pays homage to my mom. She loved daisies and was always supportive of my writing endeavors—of all my endeavors, really. She was there for all the big steps in my life, and I like to think she's there as I move forward with this one too.
Also, the daisy symbolizes new beginnings and became a slang word for something of excellent quality ("That's a daisy" became "That's a doozy"). Fresh as a Daisy is, of course, an expression too. To me, it means one is vulnerable but strong, ready to face the world. A new manuscript should be too.
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