My manuscript is my baby. Can you tell me more about the process?

I understand how much your work means to you. I will only work on one manuscript at a time. That way, you know I devote all of my attention to your work, and your work alone.
Before I get your manuscript, I will ask for a 1,000-2,000 word sample (for all edits). The sample will allow me to determine an approximate length of time it will take to complete your project, and it will allow you to get an idea of what types of suggestions, questions, and comments you will see from me.
If you do not see a written comment in the margin, it’s because I genuinely feel that part of the manuscript works as it is. As far as the comments and questions I provide, it’s completely up to you to take my suggestions or keep your work the way it is. Remember, I’m here to help you make your work the best it can be, and ultimately, you are the only one with the vision of how you want your work to look in its completed state.

How long does the editing process take?

Turnaround depends on the size of the project and my current workload. If we agree on a deadline, I will try my absolute hardest to make sure that deadline is honored. If I need to extend the deadline by a few days due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be the first to know. Regardless, I like to keep clients updated, so don’t be surprised to hear from me every few days to let you know where I’m at in the process.

What about confidentiality?

I don’t discuss your project (it's your baby, not mine). Should you wish, I will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement. In addition, you keep the copyright to your work.  Once full payment is received for a project, the copyright for any content created by me as part of the project passes to you.

Do you expect acknowledgement?

Other than payment, no, I don’t. Some authors acknowledge my work; some don’t. It's nice to have, but it’s completely up to you, and you won’t hear me complaining either way.

How do I pay?

I accept payments by Paypal with a 50% upfront, non-refundable payment and subsequent 50% payment at the completion of the project; however, I understand needing to budget, so payment plans are available.

The question I have isn't here

I welcome any of your questions pertaining to my work and my editing process. Please don't hesitate to contact me. A contact form is available on the page for your convenience.